Company Information

Yamazen Homes is a company that designs, manages the construction of, and sells wooden houses. Established in 1978, it already has 40 years of history. Its headquarters is located in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture. Its sales area is centered around Mie prefecture and also includes Aichi, Gifu, and Shiga Prefectures. We are expanding our residential operations in close contact with the regions.
We also operate restaurants. We operate 4 eel restaurants and general Japanese cuisine restaurants in Mie, Aichi, and Gifu prefectures.
In these ways we are expanding our operations to create happiness through "living" and "eating".

[Corporate Philosophy]

To contribute to society by creating happiness for everything through living and eating.

[Management Vision]

Working means living, eating, and coexisting with your family, which means we work for working people for working.
All people feel the importance of living somewhere and eating, and want to live long, healthy lives.
Yamazen Homes feels it is our duty to contribute to society by creating happiness for everyone through living and eating.
And we vow to work hard every day based on our desire to be the kind of company that can help everyone attain these goals.

[Description of Business]

<Detached Housing Business> The principle business regions of Yamazen Homes are 3 prefectures in Tokai area (Aichi, Gifu, and Mie) and Konan City (Shiga prefecture), and we are expanding our operations centered around the planning, design, and sale of custom-made homes. Since our founding we have successfully sold almost 2,000 custom homes and houses and lots in this area. A feature of our company's custom homes is that we provide them with individualized concepts and plans to fit the lifestyles and values of our customers. With a business philosophy based upon "let's meet at your house again ten years from now", we are expanding our operations, design, construction, and sales in close connection with the regions, having 13 offices in the 3 prefectures in Tokai area and Shiga prefecture.

<Restaurant Business> In order to create synergy with our detached housing business and to help people lead healthy lives, we entered the restaurant business in October of 2010. We currently operate 4 restaurants in Mie, Aichi, and Gifu prefectures under our own brands.
Our in-house brands in our restaurant business include 2 branches of Japanese restaurants, "Sora no Daidokoro", which provide traditional Japanese cuisine with seafood and catering in Inabe City (Mie prefecture) and Kaizu City (Gifu prefecture.) We have also developed 2 branches of "Daruma Unagi", which provides various eel cuisine, with the Tado headquarters located in Kuwana city (Mie prefecture). The Kinjofuto branch is located within a commercial facility and park called Makers' Pier, which is connected with Legoland Nagoya (Nagoya city harbor), and offers a more family atmosphere and lower prices than the Tado headquarters.

<Nursing Business> In our nursing home management business, we operate a shared living group home for those with cognitive impairments called "Mammy House Nursing Center" in Kuwana City (Mie prefecture).

[Company History]

The predecessor organization of "Yamazen Homes Co., Ltd." was "Yamazen Kaihatsu (private enterprise)", established in December 1978 by Kazuma Maeno for the purpose of home renovations, followed by "Yamazen Kaihatsu Co., Ltd." in April 1989, which expanded the business to include general construction, civil construction, steel frame construction, real estate, and house and lot. After acquiring know-how in custom homes, custom homes became the core business of the company, which led to the establishment of "Yamazen Homes Co., Ltd." with the purpose of further expanding its operations.

Headquarters900 Shimonoshiro, Tado-cho, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture, 511-0117

PRESIDENT and CEOKazuma Maeno

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